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The JAA Way
Teaching and learning the fundamentals of life through better baseball and softball.
The JAA FUNdamentals of life, baseball, and softball...
EXCELLENCE: Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
We will work hard to research, define, teach, and share the best ways to play the game, and will play with attention to those details.
DISCIPLINE: Do it the right way, or don't do it.
Whether on your own or with the team, whether in practice, warm-ups or in a game, always work to execute the way you've been taught.
TEAMWORK: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Players will learn their individual roles and responsibilities but will learn that together, everyone achieves more.
SPORTSMANSHIP: How you act when you play is as important as how you play.
Win with class, lose with dignity. Always hold your head high. Play knowing that it's a game that even the best professional teams win only 60% of the time.
FAMILY: Yorktown JAA will do all it can to be a destination of choice for area families to have fun, build character, and make memories.
Our Goal: The Bottom Line...
Through proper positive instruction emphasizing FUNdamentals, we want more kids to experience more success and have fun playing baseball and softball... so that they play longer... into the day... and night... and into their lives.
The Little League Pledge
The Little League pledge is traditionally recited before most Little League games. A brief ceremony occurs before every JAA game prior to the first pitch. The umpires along with all players and coaches from each team line up along the base line outside their dugout, remove their caps, and recite the pledge.
I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best!
The TIGER Sportsmanship Trophy
The TIGER Sportsmanship Trophy is awarded annually to one player from each Yorktown Little League team and celebrates Teamwork, Improvement, Graciousness, Enthusiasm, Respect, and Sportsmanship. It is the highest honor that JAA awards each year.
2015 Recipients
MAJORS BASEBALL - Davis Clark, Nathan Morrow, Adam Morrow, Hunter Turpen
MAJORS SOFTBALL - Savannah Baker, Lauryn Bratton, Kaytlyn Kennedy
AAA BASEBALL - Jack Stinson, Tyler Williams, Kieran Tewari, Peyton Fields, Ethan Whiteman, Jackson New
AAA SOFTBALL - Paige Dupps, Alyssa Roach, Camryn Isaacs, Kaylynn Hammons
AA BASEBALL - Noah Loveall, Carter Stephenson, Brayden Thrasher, Parker Yount, Ben Edwards, Tanner Eppard, Kaiden Reynolds
AA SOFTBALL - Lani Anderson, Kimberly Levitz, Marin Thurman, Madison Hamlin
A BASEBALL - Cole Perdue, Andrew Loomis, Wyatt Roach, Kaden Crumes
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