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Yorktown JAA Baseball / Softball

Yorktown JAA Baseball / Softball


Q: My son/daughter would like to be on the same team as their friend/neighbor, etc. Can you please make this happen?

A: While Yorktown JAA would love to be able to place friends and neighbors on the same team at their request, please understand that (i) we get dozens of these requests per season - if they were all honored, teams would end up being enormously lopsided (because numerous requests pertain to an overlap of children) and (ii) Yorktown JAA is a 100% volunteer organization, so handling numerous requests of this nature becomes administratively impossible.

Q: My son/daughter either (i) is more advanced that other children his/her age and would like to "play up" or (ii) would like to "play down" to learn more before moving up to his age group. Can you please make this happen?

A: Yorktown JAA strictly adheres to the age cutoffs that are required to make the divisions fun and safe. We receive dozens of requests to depart from this each year, but please understand to (i) contact us to look into the request, (ii) if the consideration is approved, your child will be assessed for both divisions so coaches can see if playing up or playing down is the right decision for the child (iii) the appropriate baseball / softball point of contact will contact you on the decision.

Q: We registered our son/daughter to play in Yorktown JAA, but haven’t heard anything as of yet. When will we hear from someone?

A: Yorktown JAA appreciates your patience. The draft and team allocation process takes some time and is accomplished over a multiple week period. If you have friends who have already heard about their team placement and you haven’t, it’s likely that your coach simply hasn’t contacted the team yet. We always do our best to inform players of their placement promptly and in due course - will reach out to you as soon as we are able.

Q: My child’s team isn’t as competitive as I’d like it to be - why are some teams better than others?

A: We appreciate your concern, but please understand that Yorktown JAA Spring Baseball/Softball/Tee Ball is a developmental program that is open to children of all skill levels. While the Yorktown JAA Board and their related faculties do their absolute best to allocate talent evenly each year (and countless volunteer hours go into this process), sometimes children develop at different rates and there are other anomalies, etc., which result in the competition not being perfectly even. While we encourage more competitive players to seek challenge with outside programs, we simultaneously encourage them to continue on with Yorktown JAA to be a role model and leader to their peers, as this is an enormously rewarding experience.

Q: What times, days, and/or fields can I expect my son/daughter to be playing on during the course of the Spring League?

A: As of 2018, we tried our best to adjust younger teams off of DCFC soccer nights so kids could play both Spring Soccer and Spring JAA. We are attempting to stick to this new tradition to provide consistency to you as busy parents. Coaches decide on the practice days, not the league.

Q: How are excessive cancelled games due to weather going to be made up so we aren't playing thru July?

Thank you for participating in 2019 JAA this year and thank you for your understanding during what has been the rainiest season in recent memory.  Mother Nature has certainly not been kind to baseball and softball schedules this year (or farmers, golf courses, etc..), and we have all been frustrated when we have had to cancel JAA games.  Trust us, our kids want to play too and are disappointed when we can’t.  We know there have been a handful of questions about rescheduling games. 

The unfortunate reality is we only have a couple of options when we try to reschedule games:

· We can insert make-up games on short notice into what is undoubtedly a busy schedule for families and hope that they can shuffle other things around to make it work.  This also creates problems for finding umpires and concession workers on short notice.

· We can shift the make-up games to the end of the season, which can be problematic for families that have planned their vacation around when the season is scheduled to conclude. 

We are trying to make every effort to get each JAA team at least 10 games this season plus entry into the JAA tournament where they will play at least one additional game and potentially several more, while still finishing the season by June 22nd which was advertised during the registration process. 

We’re hoping Mother Nature starts to cooperate a little more and soon.  If not, it may require a little more flexibility from all of us.  We appreciate your understanding and support.  


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